We Purchase Your Collectibles

We By Vinyl Records

Largest Buyer of Vinyl Records in Southwest Ia

We purchase Records, DVD’s Movie, Pokemon, and other collectibles daily at our Southwest Iowa location at Shenandoah. We love and welcome to walk in’s. Bring Your collection in to us and You leave with Cash!!!  We pay more than any shop in Southwest Ia. Feel free to ask any questions or contact us at any time!

We By DVD’s Movies

Even though We have over 3,000 videos on hand, that is never enough. Were always looking for more. If you need extra cash for Your collection Just bring them in.

We Buy All Formats Of Videos and Music

Find your favorite titles available in multiple formats.

  • DVDs
  • VHS
  • Video Disc
  • Blu-rays
  • CDs
  • 8-Tracks
  • Reel to Reel
  • Cassettes

We Also Buy Anything Strange

Yes the stranger the better. If in your attic you came across Crystal balls, Tarot cards, Ouija Board, or anything that looks like it belongs in a horror movie or something for Halloween turn those items in Cash.

We Buy All Thing Game and Gaming