Blind Date Romantic Comedy on DVD

Blind Date DVD Movie

Ah Blind Date one of the forgotten romantic comedies on DVD of the 1980’s. This movie came out in 1987 and rated PG-13 with both Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger in the lead roles you would have thought that Blind Date would be fondly remembered still to this day, but sadly that is not the case and it really is an under rated gem of a movie directed by Blake Edwards.

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Bruce Willis plays the role of Walter Davis. Walter is a very hard worker and he puts his work life above everything else that he has going on in his personal life. He is the textbook definition of a workaholic. Walter has a meeting with a high profile Japanese client that he wants to impress, but he needs a date. In steps his brother Ted played by Phil Hartman who sets him up on a blind date with the beautiful Nadia who is played by Kim Basinger.

She is the perfect woman to accompany Walter, but his brother warns him that if Nadia gets drunk then she goes off the rails! What was supposed to be a simple dinner gets out of control when Nadia’s crazy ex David played by John Larroquette stalks them while they are on their blind date and even tries to assault Walter a few times. The whole evening gets out of control with Walter getting fired, his car trashed and even arrested!

Blind Date is a great 80’s comedy and one that is well worth watching if you are in the mood for a good, light hearted and fun movie. This is certainly a hidden gem in the careers of both Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger. 80’s Bruce Willis just had such a great charm and its clearly on show here.

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