How to Test Gold Jewelry at Home

Engin Akyurt at Pexels

Are you wondering if the gold piece you have is genuine gold jewelry or just pot metal? Here is an easy way to verify it without going to a pawn shop or to a jeweler. The authenticity of gold can be easily tested with simple ingredients and equipment you commonly have in your home.

Steps for Testing Gold Jewelry

1. Rub the gold item with a clean wash cloth to remove any contaminants, dirt, or dust.If there is some persistent grease or dirt, eliminate it by wetting the wash cloth and scrubbing the item until it comes off.

2. With an eye dropper, put a couple drops of vinegar on your gold item. Use a small pot to put the gold in if you are dealing with a small piece, for the vinegar to remain in contact with it.

3. Keep an eye out for any changes to the gold item.As a stable metal, gold will have no reaction to oxygen corroding. Vinegar will not change its color, as gold is a stable metal. If you notice any color changes, the gold item is not actually gold. When exposed to vinegar, a gold plate will turn black.

4. Remove the vinegar by spraying the piece with water or running it under cool water.

5. Dry the gold by rubbing it with a soft and clean cloth. The vinegar test will cause no damage to your real gold items.

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